Sales & Marketing Manager...

Sales & Marketing Manager

Capital Federal 1 noviembre, 2018 - 30/01/2019


You are a multi-task, resourceful, imaginative, curious citizen of the world who enjoys challenges, fast pace, moving around and learning something new every day. Change is your ally and creativity your best friend.  You are ready to jump in at any time and wear many hats because you value the growth you can have by learning to do it all

Most of your responsibilities are (but not limited to):
? Sourcing new tour products and destinations to meet consumer demands.
? Manage the sale & marketing process for all activities in your location.
? Visit new local destinations in order to gain information on issues and amenities of interest to consumers.
? Dealing with customer enquiries and aiming to meet their expectations.
? Overseeing the smooth, efficient running of the business.
? Coaching all location staff in selling and cross-selling.
? Support in the creation of marketing initiatives for all products in the location with the support of the Country Sales & Marketing coordinator and external vendors.
? Liaise with sales consultants.
? Responsible for the location’s social media and all promotional material.
? Analyze data and provide reports with conclusions

? Create and maintain a unique experience across all offerings.
? Liaising with clients, suppliers and other staff.
? Responsible for all sales processes at location level and synergies with other country or global locations.


?Previous experience in Marketing and/or Sales
? Previous experience with community engagement
? Excellent communication skills, verbal and written
? Creative
? Cultural sensitivity skills
? Fluent in English

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